Thursday, February 18, 2010

Regarding the Grizzlies (Trade Deadline)

Love that the Brewer deal got done.  Great guy and perfect fit for the team.  Love it.
(If you missed it- you can scroll to the bottom of this page and find the interview we did with Ronnie recently on the show, we even talked about Memphis and playing here)

I was told that after today (being that there are now quite a few teams with cap room) the Grizzlies feel as if it is going to take at least $11 mil. a year to get Rudy back next year but they are planning being able to do it.
The exact quote was "This was a hell of a day for Rudy"

The talks (per the Mercury News) about trading O.J. in a deal for Monta Ellis are real.  Ellis has some big fans in the organization, and they were willing to part with Mayo to get it done.  I am not a fan of this but it did happen.

The Grizzlies walk away from today with all of their first round picks for next years draft in place.  Look for them to sell one of those picks for $3 million and keep the other two.

As the CA reported- The Grizzlies were interested in Dorell Wright from Miami...but they were gonna make the deal for him or the deal for Brewer.  They were not bringing on both.  They made the right call in my opinion.