Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Remembering Dana (Dana Kirk and Denny Crum, The Audio)

Former Memphis coach Dana Kirk did his last radio interview with us in 2008.  Memphis had just been become #1 and we talked to Dana about the last time that the Tigers were that high in the rankings (his team).  We also rehash the story of the day Dana introduced me to Jerry Lawler.  I did not cover Dana as a coach, I only knew him as a co-worker and friend.  When I started in radio Dana was extremely supportive and good to me, and one of the first calls I got when I left my old station to come to 730 was from Coach Kirk.  Dana was a friend to me, and I am gonna miss him.
Dana Kirk on The Chris Vernon Show 2-21-08

Former Louisville coach Denny Crum joined us on the show to remember Dana.  Dana coached under Coach Crum prior to coaching at Memphis.  Coach Crum talked about Dana, the Memphis/Louisville rivalry, etc.

Denny Crum on The Chris Vernon Show 2-16-10