Sunday, February 07, 2010

Watch out for St. Mary's

I was up late last night and was searching for a game to watch on TV.  There were just a few still on, and I ended up watching St. Mary's/San Francisco.  I knew that San Fran. had recently delivered Gonzaga a shocking loss, but I also knew they were not supposed to be any good.  The Dons have a couple of quick players and a couple of bangers and I could see how they beat somebody if they played out of their minds, but I don't want to talk about them.  I want to talk about my new favorite team, St. Mary's.

I fell in love with this team almost immediately.  It was as if I had formed a bond.  I am up late with a baby... their games are on late... it was meant to be.  As I was watching them I kept thinking to myself - this is the mid-major team that you don't want to see in your teams pod come tourney time.  They have a big (Omar Samhan) that is avg. 22 and 11.  They have a freshman guard named Matthew Dellavedova from Australia that quickly became one of my favorite players I have seen all year.  They have size they can bring off the bench, they are well-coached and play smart, and they have a bunch of guys that can hit shots (as well as being great FT team).

This is my team this year.  Watch out for St. Mary's.  If they are in the tournament, they are knockin some teams out.  Just like me finding them last night, it is meant to be.