Friday, August 06, 2010

Our trip to Baltimore (Day 1)

We headed to Baltimore to go to the  National Sports Collectors Convention.  Roser and I actually got into Baltimore on Thursday night, but we really did not do much.  We went to the convention to pick up our passes and saw some things for about 30 minutes, and then went to the Orioles/Angels game (great game by the way, park is fantastic).

Friday was the day we really got going.  We went to Washington DC for a quick trip in the morning and hustled around to see some of the sights.  We then made it back to Baltimore to hit the ground running on the convention.  This place is heaven for a sports fan... absolute heaven.  I had read an article Bill Simmons wrote about the event last year in Cleveland and it sold me on the fact that I had to check it out this year.  Anything you could ever imagine related to sports and sports memorabilia is here.  I took a ton of pics and here are some examples of things we saw...

When I think of Ted Williams, I think pilot.

I think it is fair to say that Ty Cobb got a heck of a deal from Readers Digest.

If you have the chance to take a pic with Babe Ruth, you do it.

Oh, the Braveheart collage with the Mel Gibson autograph.  Not a real popular item at the show.  May have to reduce price to move it. $450

How awesome is this pennant?  There cannot be that many of these in existence, right?  I am buying it tomorrow.  I think it was $45.

I used Friday to scout out the place and decide what I was gonna take a run at and blow my life savings on.  Still could not get out of there without buying stuff.  Here were the day 1 purchases- a Tom Herr signed photo where he is making ridiculous face ($6).  A Y.A. Tittle autographed famous photo and a Bob Lilly tackling Jim Brown autographed photo ($10 each).  A huge Pete Rose poster with an autograph and hit # (I don't even care about Pete Rose, but it was $29 and the pic is awesome).  A Dr. J bobblehead and a Kurt Warner bobblehead ($8 for both of them).  Not too much damage.  Tomorrow I have a list and do real damage.

Here are Roser first day purchases.  A Deion Sanders autographed Florida St. jersey, a Michael Jordan Birmingham Barons bobblehead, and the SI with Bo Jackson in a Memphis Chicks jersey.  Nice work for Roser on Day 1.

I will try to update again before we get home.  Hopefully we have money to get home after tomorrow.  You have to come to this convention at least once.  Totally amazing for a sports fan, it has exceeded all of our expectations.