Monday, February 21, 2011

So I finally own

      Several years ago, when I was going to start a website, the closest thing I could get to was  I wanted badly.  My web guy looked up who owned the site and it just so happened that the guy that owned guessed it, Chris Vernon.  Chris Vernon that lived in Cleveland, Tn.  I could not believe that of all the places he could live that he happened to live a few hours down the road from me.  I considered just driving down the road and challenging him to a Chris Vernon duel, or nicely suggesting that he change his name. 
      We tried to make an offer for the site but Cleveland Chris wanted to keep the site, which he used for pictures of his family on vacation.  Long story short, last week Cleveland Chris emailed me out of nowhere to say he no longer had use for the site and wanted to offer it to me.
      I asked him how much he wanted for the site.  He said $1 million.  So, of course I told him that he had himself a deal.  Since I had started the twitter account I had kind of ditched the blog outside of posting something every once in a while.  Anyway,  I now own and I guess I have to get this blog going again.
Welcome back.