Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Grizzlies + Playoff Beards

The Grizzlies are growing out playoff beards.  The deal was struck amongst the team prior to the San Antonio game.  As I understand it, you were allowed to shave before the Spurs game if you chose to and will not be allowed to shave your beard until the Grizzlies have officially clinched a playoff spot.  Given that the race is so tight in the Western Conference we are talking about these beards growing for easily over a month.  Every player on the roster is in on this.  All of the coaches are in on this.  Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace is in on this.  All told, over 30 members of the Grizzlies team and staff are growing beards.   You better believe the rest of the league and fans are gonna be talking about the way this team looks, and make no mistake, in a few weeks they will look hilarious.  I love it.