Friday, April 01, 2011

Thank you! (and the Fox 13 story)

Thank you to all of you that have ordered Tony Allen shirts.  There will be shirts literally all over the nation soon.  I never did any of this thinking about profit.  When a shirt got sold in San Francisco, or Dallas, my thought was not "wow, I just made money" it was "wow, some guy in California is gonna be walking around town in a Tony Allen shirt".  Tony, his agent Michael Higgins, and the Grizzlies have been great to me through all of this.  I know it is how the world works, but it has made me pretty uncomfortable for so many people to call and email and tweet about going into business, or "meeting about opportunities." 

I did it because I thought Tony Allen deserved a shirt.  To be honest, I think that is why it worked.  It was all fan-driven and organic.  The shirts have brought crazy media attention to the show, and crazy attention to Tony Allen.  That is because of you.  Thank you.

The FOX 13 story on Tony Allen popularity in Memphis, the shirts, and "Salmon + Mash Potatoes" -->