Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Columbus NCAA Tourney Trip (Day 2)

This morning we wanted to check out the Ohio St. campus.  Me, Roser, and Jason Smith drove around the area and I was blown away with how nice the campus and surrounding area was.  We wanted to see the football stadium so we drove to where we could see it, but then decided to park and try to go inside.  We walked around until we found an open gate and strolled right in to check it out.  It was really cool to see it in person and the field looked perfect.

After we left the stadium we headed over to the HOMAGE store.  I have a ton of shirts that I've bought on their website and their retail store is located in Columbus, so we had to check it out.  As I expected, the store was awesome and Roser and Jason both bought shirts so they can be awesome like me.

We left the HOMAGE store and headed over to Katzinger's for lunch.  My buddy Ian Fitzsimmons used to work in Columbus (he is now at ESPN Dallas) swore to me that this was the place that we needed to eat lunch.  Ian knew was he was talking about because Katzinger's is the truth.  If you are ever in Columbus, go there for sure.

I got over to Nationwide Arena (which is a great facility) for the second half of the NC State/ San Diego St. game and it was strange because the place was packed but the majority of the fans seemed indifferent about who was winning.  It seemed like the crowd was local Ohio St. fans that just bought tickets to watch college bball.  NC State looked good in the game and CJ Leslie was an impressive athlete in person.

The second game was Georgetown/Belmont and I felt like the Bruins were in trouble when I saw the teams warming up.  I'm pretty sure every Hoya could dunk and Belmont had 4 or 5 guys that could hardly touch the net.  Belmont had a really good fan section which happened to be right behind me.  The section featured Belmont superfan Vince Gill...
Vince Gill boos, yells at the opposing team, and gets on the refs.  He is a true fan indeed.  I've met him a few times and he is the nicest guy ever.  He is obviously a huge country star but you would never have any idea by the way he carries himself.

Belmont ended up getting hammered by G'Town and now we are waiting for the Memphis game...