Monday, March 26, 2012

Real Memphis fans will root for Louisville

Kentucky will play Louisville this weekend in the Final 4 and people wonder who Memphis fans will root for given that on one side is the former coach and on one side is the rival.  Easiest.  Answer.  Ever.  Memphis fans should root for Louisville.

Memphis is the wife that wasn't the best looking girl in the world (still pretty hot), but treated her husband like a king.  She let him do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and then begged him to stay when he was about to leave her for a supermodel.  Not only did the husband leave her for the supermodel, but he tried to burn the house down after he walked out of the door.

Now what kind of reaction should the wife have had?

A) think of the good times, wish him the best, and feel sorry for herself

B) hope he gets hit by a train

There are a bunch of Memphis fans that have reacted in the first way.  These people make me want to puke.  These people have no dignity. The bolting husband is now having sex with the supermodel right in front of their face and they have to decide if they should root him on while he is doing it?  They should be rooting for him to get a disease.

Louisville is not even a real rival.  Most Memphis fans under the age of 40 don't walk around hating Louisville.  When they left for the Big East and Memphis stopped playing them, the rivalry died.  Not being in the same conference killed it.  Rooting for Louisville would only be hard for old fans and even they should be able to do it if it means total agony for Calipari.

Rick Pitino presented the best case for Memphis to get into the Big East (including anyone from Memphis).  You owe it to him to root for his team.  Forget that, you owe it to yourself to root for his team.  Have some dignity.

Real Memphis fans will root for Louisville this weekend.