Monday, February 21, 2005

NBA Weekend, Daytona, and the rest of the weekend

Never let a white guy enter the dunk contest again unless it is Henry Bekkering. Remember this guy that I had the video of a month or so ago? Chris Anderson just became a huge joke. It was like looking at the kid that swings at 86 piches in parent-pitch t-ball.

Here is Bekkering.........go to and then click on video-- he is the 3rd one down

The halftime show at the All-Star game was the worst in the history of western civilization.

How can you not love watching Iverson play?

Tony Stewart is coming out with his new book... "How to Lose Daytona"

The Tigers looked good against Southern Miss. This is going to be the make or break week for the Tigers with Charlotte and Louisville coming up.

I went and watched Thadeus Young play on Friday night. He is the truth. Mitchell smoked Raleigh-Egypt.

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