Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tigers get hosed

The Tigers Get Hosed in Charlotte

I typically don’t like it when announcers blame the refs for a loss…but if there was a time, it was last night. It seems incomprehensible that officials on that level, in a game of that magnitude, could be so incompetent. I tuned into the post-game and thought that Coach Cal was extremely low-key in dealing with what was a travesty. Now, that being said, I think he was right when he said that toughness made the difference and that Charlotte made the tough plays down the stretch.

A couple of observations from the game…

Darius is as good offensively as you will find a freshman…anywhere. He was spectacular.

Martin Iti was debating on heading to the draft after last year? hahahahahahahahaha…. come on… can we please get serious?

Why was Lutz telling them to double Erwin? I could not understand. Red did a great job of making them pay for that.

How does Basden cradle the ball like that when he dunks? Gary was right, he is their best player.

Barclay hits the deck so much that the refs don’t know when to call the charge. Many of them may be charges but he either flops or takes one so often that I can see where that is hard to call.

Memphis has to get the rebound when the guy misses 2 FT’s with 3.9 secs left. You just have to get that ball.

Plavich hit some absurd 3’s…from Egypt.

The officiating was criminal. I hope the refs get punished…but do I trust Bonowski to be a tough guy? It means too much for it to be so bad.

I was really impressed with the way the Tigers played.