Thursday, August 18, 2005

Look what we stirred up today

I had Keith Easterwood on the show today and he said that he believes that Kentucky is the big non-conference game that the Tigers will be getting on the schedule. Obviously, this was possibly huge news to everyone. I know that Keith typically knows more about the local happenings in bball around this region than anyone. The university has validated that they have been in talks with Kentucky, but nothing has been signed. Everyone is now scrambling to find out if this is true, to get the inside scoop. What we do know is that, in addition to Arizona (which has been mentioned), that Cal has talked about scheduling another Top 10 program. Keith said that the school was Kentucky, and it adds up. Cal can't confirm yet because, if something goes wrong, then it's like "What happened to Kentucky?" but they are trying to get this done and I commend Cal and his staff at working like dogs to get a great non-conference schedule. I hope it turns out that Memphis does sign a deal with Kentucky... it would be amazing. Duke, Carolina, Kentucky... if you get any of those three... it's huge.

There is no denying that we dictated other shows. Thanks for listening.

Easterwood also let us know that he believes that Pierre Niles will be a Tiger, but it will be a year. Keith will be on every Thurs. at 9:30.

Bringin you what you want to hear from 1 tower, wait till we have 4. HAHAHAHAHA.

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