Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gary Parrish Wed. and Thurs. Guests

Gary and I talked a lot about the Tiger bball game against UT that ws announced in the paper this morning. It is my contention that it will be the highest attended of the non-conference games this year. Gary says it will be the Texas game. Gary is wrong. I will win the bet. The Tenn. game is a rivalry, at least somewhat. I contend that Ole Miss and Tenn. now become more exciting because the conf. rivals are gone. It is all the fans have left in terms of a rivalry. Many of you work with UT or Ole Miss fans. How many Texas fans? Regardless of rank. That's why I feel the way I do. We also talked about Tim Thompson back in coaching and whatever else came to our minds.

Got good news on the towers.... they are ahead of schedule.

Thurs. I will have Keith Easterwood on at 9:30 for Inside Hoops. I will also be joined by Bert Sugar for the "Weekly Cigar with Bert Sugar", and Sporting News NBA writer Sean Deveney.