Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Reggie Sanders and Seal

Gary said today that Reggie Sanders looked like Seal. You decide...

I clearly feel that this is a unfair comparison for Reggie. Also, Seal never had 6 RBI's.

I wanted to thank all of you that entered the Maxim Bud Light contest. Congrats to our winner Hank.

The Maxim party Thurs. night will be the bash of all bashes. Hope if you didn't win our contest (i.e. if your name is not Hank) that maybe you got an invite.

Keep it real. Oh, by the way, is harsh punishment always called 'throwing under the bus?' That seems a little extreme. Throwing someone under the bus would, to me, signify that you over-punished someone to make yourself look good. I never have thought that over-punishment would lead to more problems with players. Is it possible that not drawing the line with stiff punishment would lead to players feeling that they can get away with more? I think there is proof of the latter.