Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A small favor i ask of you

Please go to the website we just launched... www.730espn.com

Click on contests and register to be a P1 listener. Its easy and it is free. Tommorow on the program, we will give you the oppurtunity to call in and win VIP passes to the exclusive Memphis Maxim party... but you have to be registered as a P1 to win. We are the ONLY place in town where you can get hooked up to go to the greatest party to ever hit Memphis.

Today on the show Gary and I talked about the Grizzlies media days, curtains, mustaches, baseball playoffs, etc.

Jason Whitten will be on the show this week.

Sunday as I am driving in my car, trying to get the football scores....

Forget that I am an employee, as a sports fan I was so glad to have ESPN 730 to go to. One sports station had a colon infomercial, one had stocks talk, and 730 had actual scores and analysis on the games that were going on.

I don't have to tell you though. Thanks for listening.


p.s. Gary is always wrong