Monday, October 24, 2005


Thaddeus Young announced today that he was committing to Georgia Tech. Gary was live on site for the press conference, andThad joined me on the show right after the announcement. The most celebrated high school recruit to come out of Memphis since Penny is going to play his college basketball in Atlanta. There are a lot of great reasons to go to G. Tech and I wish the kid the best. I know that the whole "Team Thaddeus" has really put a damper on all of this, and what could have been a feel good story... but I still feel good for the kid. He is a phenom on the basketball court, and he is a great kid in addition to that. If you heard him on the air, it was "yes sir" this and "yes sir" that. He is a great basketball player, a great student, and by all accounts, a great kid. I will be rooting for him at G. Tech, despite all the negativity that his camp created.

I would have loved to see him in a Memphis uni, playing for the hometown school, but this may be best for him. It is hard to play in your hometown sometimes, as evident by everyone but Burks either leaving, or getting in trouble at some point... and Burks was even on the cliff for a minute with Cal.