Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cal stays and the T Wolves are bums

All is well that ends well? It went on too long and it got too personal, but in the end, it worked out. Coach Cal is staying in Memphis. This situation could and should have been avoided if

a. The administration would have made it more of a priority (i.e. not having to cancel meetings), and if

b. Cal had an agent (don't negotiated face to face with your boss, it becomes personal and emotional).

But, in the end, the Tigers have their coach back. Pat Forde has a great article about coaches and salaries that mentions John's situation. You can read it here.

The T Wolves are tanking the season on purpose in order to ensure that they keep their lottery pick in tact and don't lose it to the Clippers. What is even worse is that they are tanking to try to keep the pick after making a seriously ridiculous trade (Cassell for Jaric). They brought a glorified NBDL team into the Forum last night and left KG, Ricky Davis, and Anthony Carter at home.

random thoughts...

I watch Bonds on Bonds, and, I admit, I like to watch it.

Anna Benson is incredibly overrated.

If you are a guy, and you wore capri pants (ever), stab yourself today to atone for your sins.

My inclination is that Leinhart will be a Titan, Vince Young will be a Cardinal, and Deangelo will be a Viking.

My father carries around the picture of the kid who came with his wallet. R.D.