Thursday, April 27, 2006

DWash Speculation and The Same Ole Grizz Story

This kid watched the Grizzly game last night. 0-2 and smoked by Dallas last night. That game last night was over in the second quarter. So Eddie Jones took all the players out to eat the other night... did they all get food poisoning?

The whole team stunk. The first quarter they came out and played, and then it all fell apart. I was flipping channels by the 3rd quarter. Herrington and I talked about this on the show yesterday... it is amazing how much more athletic and fast the Mavericks are. They run down loose balls, they beat everyone off the dribble, and it is embarrassing. That shriek I heard from downtown was the Grizzlies business office pondering game 3 ticket sales. At this point I am going to try to be positive... how about the Grizzlies just make this losing streak like Dimaggio's hit streak... unbreakable. How predictable was this. Break out the brooms.

Now to the Dwash speculation... I have heard from people that know that it has at least been talked about that if Darius does not go and play pro basketball, that no matter what, he would not come back to Memphis, but could play college bball again. I would have shrugged this off as total bologna yet it was backed up with an interesting option (and the source is someone close to many involved with DWash). It is no secret that Darius idolizes his father. Those close to the dad will tell you that he and Calipari are hardly good friends, and have had there differences. The option would be this... if it does not work out for him like he thinks, he would move to Florida, work out for a year, and then transfer and play at South Florida. Totally crazy? Maybe. Do people that know the situation much better than I think this is out of the question? No. I could care less either way, but it is intriguing. Maybe there is something to it...