Monday, August 14, 2006

Anthony Randolph

I admit that I do not follow recruiting, but I am very aware that many fans do. That being said, Anthony Randolph was one of the big-time recruits that the Memphis Tigers were after is not coming to Memphis.
Parrish said this today on the show. Gary has talked people close to Randolph and they told him, and the Memphis staff, that the Tigers are out. The kid is from Texas and it was gonna be a long shot to sign him from what Gary says. The kid narrowed his list and Memphis is not in it anymore. According to the people Gary talked to the list now includes Texas, Kansas, Georgetown, Cincinnati, and LSU.
Also, Gary said that two assistants (not Tigers) have told him that they thought the next move was for Calipari to hire Tiger recruit Derrick Rose's (Reggie) brother as an assistant.
I hope this is true because evidently he got kicked out of a huge AAU tournament for saying he was gonna shoot the ref. Talk about getting some calls next year at the Forum! That's Ballin.

Verno the Journalist