Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fridays Show

Before I get to the show, we reported yesterday on the show that the new Tigers beat writer (taking Gary's place) is a guy named Dan Wolken from Colorado Springs (he has been covering Air Force). He is young, he works very hard, and is a great writer. This is a great hire for the CA, and a great replacement for GP, who as you know, was a great beat writer for the Tigers.

It's a Packed out Friday..

Dave Richard from for fantasy football weekend preview, Gary Parrish and the Philanthropy (Picks) segment, Bert Sugar, Worlds Greatest Handicapper Jimmy Denunzio, etc.
I may mix in a local yokle to talk about Ryder Cup (just kidding).

I don't need to tell those of you reading this to listen to the show or the station, but make it a point to tell someone about it. Well prepared hosts, different topics on every show, the best interviews being done in the sports world... its how we roll. Word has gotten out big time as of late and all you have to do is come by our tailgate parties, etc. Thank you for listening, this is just the start. The only challenge was getting the word out, and once it does completely, its all over but the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I am poison sumac