Friday, September 22, 2006

Philanthropy (the picks)

Verno's "cupboard bare" parlay
Fl Atlantic +30 over S. Carolina
UAB -9.5 over Miss St
Wake +2.5 over Ole Miss

Verno's Ambien CR deadbolt lock of the past 25 years INFINITY STARS

Gary's NAP Parlay
Nevada -7
Air Force +1
Purdue +2.5

Garys Pawn the Guitar Lock
Oregon State -25 over Idaho

Jimmy Denunzio Picks (9-1 so far this season)
Jax +7 over Colts
Minnesota +3 over Chicago
Cincy +3 over Pitts
S Fran +6 over Philly
Double Secret Triple Lock is New Orleans over Atlanta (MNF)

Bert Sugar Picks (10-4-2 this season with us)
C Mich -4 over Eastern Mich
Minnesota -3 over Purdue
Syracuse -6.5 over Miami (OH)
Bama +2 over Ark
UAB -10 over Miss St

Coyote Ugly Pick of the Week is
New England -6.5 over Denver (Coyote pick is 1-0 this season)

Rosers Pick
Kansas -4

Have a great weekend and I appreciate you listening to the show