Friday, September 15, 2006

Philanthropy (The Picks are free)

Verno's Malignant Tumor Parlay (you would rather have one than not play this)
Notre Dame -6 over Michigan
Syracuse +3 over Illinois
UAB +17 over Georgia

Verno's NFL Picks AWDIGBO (All we do is get blown out)
San Diego -11 over Titans
Baltimore -12 over Oakland

Gary's Jerrell Powe Parlay
A-- Akron -1 1/2
C-- Conn -6
T-- Texas Tech -1 1/2

Gary's Lock of the World forever and ever +10 years
G Tech -17 1/2

Coyote Ugly Pick of the Week
San Francisco +3 over St. Louis

Jimmy Denunzio (Went 5-0 last week)
Jacksonville +1 1/2
Indy -13 1/2
Baltimore -12
Wash +6 1/2

Double Secret Lock times 4
New Orleans -2 over Green Bay

Those are the picks-- good luck becoming billionaires