Thursday, October 05, 2006

Click here for the Video of the Song

Welcome all listeners and viewers of any media I have done for the song. Big thanks to Max Howell and the guys at "Maxxed Out" The song was featured on the show this morning (which is in 8 states throughout the south), and will be on their TV show which is in 72 markets on the Cox Cable Network. I got an email last night from Mike Hall (ESPNU Anchor) from ESPNU saying that they referenced the song on the college football show the Monday night 3-4 times in the hour. Jim Donnan had given it to Mike Gottfried and Mike shared with everyone at ESPN. I think my heart would have stopped if I had heard them reference it, but big-ups to these guys. Heros.

Thanks again to all the listeners of the show. Its a powerful group. Today is my birthday, and I never really made a big deal of anybody else's, so I could really care less about my own. I cant wait for the calls from family and friends wishing me a happy birthday, and then I say thanks, and then I am out of things to say.

Here is how is goes...

me: Hello
other person: Happy Birthday (or bad rendition of song that seems forever)
me: thanks
other person: So do you feel older?
me: (my brain is saying be nice) No, not really.
other person: So how is everything?
me: (oh dear God, not this conversation) Everything is great.
other person: Yeah... great... how is work?
me: (ohhhhhhhh no) Work is great
other person: Is everything else good?
me: (didn't we just go over this!, stay nice) Yeah, its great.
other person: Did you get anything?
me: (oh crap, I gotta get out of this) A few things, hey, I gotta run.
other person: oh, ok, well wanted to wish you Happy Birthday
me: (thank you Jesus) Thanks so much. Great to hear from you. (blah, blah, blah)

I always lie, but I am 28 now (seriously).

Thanks for listening.