Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Steam of conciousness

The song has now been downloaded over 11 thousand times and has been watched on youtube over 32 thousand times. Thanks to all of you that have emailed and enjoyed it. I started to work on another song. Any suggestions are welcome in terms of subject matter for new songs.

Earlier in the year we had a discussion about Jeter vs. Arod. Seriously, you can hate of the guy, which I am sure people will on The Haters segment today, but who would you rather have in the playoffs.

I have a terrible feeling about how this season is going to play out for Memphis.

I remember thinking that Ahmad Carroll would be good when he was at Arkansas. Do you know how bad you have to be to get cut by the Packers?

How is it possible that Culpepper is much worse than Ferrotte? That guy was made by Moss, like carbon-dated Cunningham, Jeff George, etc.

I like the new Killers CD.

The National League is not good. It seems like there is one great starter, and its Carpenter. There are some good ones, but 1 great starter in the playoffs?

Christian Laettner needs PR consultation. Jerry Stackhouse once beat him up on an airplane, you figure that may humble you a bit. I really hope we stop with the Duke stuff and "championship environment" etc. I loved Brian Davis, and Laettner took away from the excitement of a new local owner. "My team, our team, my best friend owns the team, Why did you laugh when we said I would be on the team?"... it was all abrasive and a bit unsettling.

Grizz PBP guy Eric Hasseltine, Chris Herrington from the Flyer, Gary Parrish (out of the hospital, but still messed up), and maybe John McEnroe on the show today.