Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Here is a name for you...

So obviously getting ready for the show today I have put a lot of thought into what to do about the Head Coach position of the Memphis Grizzlies. Thus, all of the posts today.

In talking to people around the league, I have come to the conclusion that the guy that most everyone feels will be the first coach to be hired as a head coach, replacing a fired coach, will be Marc Iavaroni. I hope it is here. Funny that his bio sites him coaching with Fratello, but be not dismayed, Fratello coached with Hubie so that means very little.

Iavaroni is the lead assistant in Phoenix, and an excellent choice for any team attempting to create excitement.

This is what I hopes happens. Get rid of Fratello, let someone coach the team until the Dec. 1st deadline and you know what would happen with the impending sale... and then hire this guy. I would bet whoever owns the team, if they had any sense about them, would hire the guy that everyone else would too. He is the logical first hire. An up-and-coming coach for an up-and-coming team.

Contrary to what many would say, Memphis could and should run. It is what needs to happen. It hides a ton of weaknesses and they have the youth and depth to do it. You tell me what is better... having Lawrence Roberts running the lane finishing (which I am told he is excellent at), or having him post up and take a hook shot on Yao Ming?

Warrick, Gay, and Stro running down the court filling the lane. Lowry pushing the ball. Vets coming off the bench playing their 10-15 minutes. A rejuvenated Mike Miller.

I mentioned hiding weaknesses. Who saw Marion and Diaw play in the WBC? I will tell you that they did not look like Marion and Diaw in a half-court set.

Play like Phoenix.... Hire Marc Iavaroni before someone else snags him.

You heard it here.