Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In a perfect world... it's Jerry West coaching the Grizzlies

In my previous post I mentioned this, and here are some reasons why...

These are all his players. Outside of Pau, he has drafted ,or brought in, each of them.

Clean up the mess he made by not rolling the guy in the off-season.

Fans are immediately energized. People want to hear the interviews and pressers and it creates excitement.

Grizzlies become more relevant simply because the Logo is the coach.

There are no respect issues from the vets, or the young ones, or anyone for that matter.

He does have head coaching experience.

He has no worries of being fired.

Excitement, excitement, excitement. Even the fringe fan knows Jerry West.

I see only one problem, and that is that he hates losing. Unfortunately with this team, that is inevitable.

Jerry West for Grizz Coach.... One last hurrah. What would be a bigger bolt of energy for this team and franchise?

Someone will steal this and use it as their own idea I am sure. I figured I would mention that before you hear it as to humiliate the un-original. Hasseltine on from 3-4, should be fun.