Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mike Fratello

Fans don't like him. The media does not like him. Players do not like playing for him. He is driving fans away from the arena. His style is to play slow. His style is to play vets.
I don't blame him. If management did not want him next year and they knew it, they should have rolled him.
Who would want to really help an organization, and put that ahead of their own interests this year, and put their stock in a future that they will not experience?
Mike Fratello is a good basketball coach, but right now if you were going to draw up the worst fit for this particular team, it would probably be Mike Fratello.

This sounds strange, but the Grizzlies need to put someone in the position that doesn't have to worry about how many games they win. Think about what Bernie Birkerstaff has been charged with doing in Charlotte. He is not worried about his job, because he is investing in a future that he will be a part of. So he is fine with getting guys experience. Its not normal, but it is what this team needs. I guy that doesn't worry about his record, because he is secure.

I would love to see Jerry West take over. Imagine the excitement. It would be perfect.