Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I have not seen anything like Chris Lofton's performance in a long time. That was a serious whoopin. Tennessee put it on Memphis something awful. I have said that I was looking forward to this game after every Tiger game so far (since Maui neutral court games) has looked like the Globetrotters vs. the Generals. Well, I saw it, and it was not pretty. They, like I said, have a lot of athleticism and not a lot of really "skilled" basketball players. When I say that I mean to say guys that really know how to play. Dorsey is 35 years old with still no clue. Tennessee could subdue the press and athleticism, and then had "that guy." The question of who will be the run stopper, and who will be "that guy" is still completely unanswered for Memphis. When that game was getting away, Hunt tried and he could not throw it in the ocean. There are only a few good games on the Tiger schedule, at least two of them have been embarrassing defeats so far. Chris Lofton= Baller.