Friday, December 01, 2006

Philanthropy (The Picks)

Verno's You Can Trust Me Ricky Peete No Losing Allowed Parlay
N-- Navy -20 over Army
L-- La Monroe +3 over La Laffayette
A-- Arkansas +3 over Florida

Verno's Reputation on the line, team with ancient city for name vs. awful team GAME OF THE YEAR!
Troy -10.5 over Fl Int

Gary's Claw Parlay
C-- Colorado St -4 over SDSU
L-- Louisville -24 over Uconn
A-- Air Force +17 over TCU
W-- West Virginia -8.5 over Rutgers

Gary's Since He can't bet against Memphis, the closest thing is betting against DeAngelo MNF
Philly +points over Carolina

Bert Sugar's Picks 68.5% this year on the show
Arkansas +3 over Florida
WVU -8.5 over Rutgers
Navy -20 vs Army
Oklahoma -3.5 over Nebraska
USC -13.5 over UCLA

Have a great weekend millionaires.

Bonus Pick.....

Lion Wins over the Bear in animal warfare.