Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Watch out for that Tennesee team (and what happened to Joakim Noah?)

As you know, I have been on this Tennessee team all season. Outside of the inexplicable loss at South Carolina, when they have Lofton healthy, they are a team to beat. Before you jump on their SEC road record, realize that outside of the S. Carolina game, they haven't lost to a bad team (if you take into consideration the Lofton injury, which in my opinion kept them from winning @ Ole Miss and @ Auburn). Style, Style, Style. I suppose that the reason that most teams do not play the organized chaos style is that coaches have to coach less in a game. Basketball on all levels is plagued with over-coaching. Playing the style that the Vols play provides you with a distinct advantage over other teams when you get into tournament play. Much like a team like West Virginia, you simply don't play against anyone like that the rest of the year. Last night, if they do not take the foot off the gas, they would have beaten Florida by 25. Tennessee is much more difficult to prepare for, especially in a short prep period. Tennessee will make a run in the tournament. They will be in the sweet 16 (at minimum) in my bracket. I would imagine that they will probably be a 6 or 7, dependent on what they do in the SEC tourney, and shock someone in the second round. Just you watch. Don't sleep on that team this year. I am trying to help you here.

On another note, what happened to Joakim Noah? He always struck me as a mentally tough player that has that special something. The guy wanted the ball, he tried to dunk on everyones head, and played with great intelligence. Then I saw Dane Bradshaw pushing the guy around last night and found myself totally confused. What happened to this guy? In the last few weeks he has looked like a guy you would not want to touch in the draft. I guess his coach was right, Horford is the guy to take.
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