Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dave Winfield on the show today

HOF baseball player Dave Winfield will join us on the show today at 3:20. When I was growing up in New York, the Mets were the team to root for. It is strange to think about it now, considering how the Mets are almost second class citizens now in New York. The Mets had almost all of the beloved players. Lenny Dykstra, Hernandez, Strawberry, Gooden, etc. The Yankees had Mattingly and Winfield, and they never won a thing. Dave Winfield is one of the best all-around athletes in the history of sports. The guy was drafted by four different leagues. In fact, the only guy ever to be drafted by four leagues. The Vikings drafted him and he didn't even play college football. Anyway, I am glad to have him on the show today. Check it out.
Also, I need to mention that we are having our huge karaoke contest at Coaches Sports Bar at Goodman Rd and Hacks Cross tomorrow night. Please get out there if you can. Gary Parrish and I will be two of the judges for the contest. The winner will win $100, a new Gibson guitar, and a chance to sing the anthem at a Grizz game in a few weeks. GET TO COACHES. Tomorrow night @ 6:30 (after the show). Tomorrow night. Hacks Cross and Goodman Rd. Win the 730 ESPN Karaoke Idol.