Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tigers in the Final Four? That is my bet.

Memphis was incredible against Texas A&M. They had clutch plays, did a great job on A.C. Law, and played an overall great game. This is second consecutive trip to the Elite Eight for the Tigers. They proved not only that they can compete with top level competition, they can beat top level competition. I like the match up with Ohio State. Memphis is going to the Final Four. This team has already exceeded expectations, now everything is lining up perfectly. I thought A&M was a worse match up for Memphis than Ohio State would be, and they got past them.

Ohio State has played two down to the wire games in the last 2 rounds now. You have to give them credit for gutting those out, but it also makes them look vulnerable.

Quick analyseez on Memphis vs. Ohio State. Against Ohio State, people always want to bring up Greg Oden. He is not going to kill you on offense. He has not killed anyone. Lewis and Conley Jr. can, but I like what Memphis can throw at those guys defensively. You have to do a better job than Tennessee did of keeping Conley out of the lane. You have to guard Lewis 30 feet away from the basket. I think Memphis is equipped to do these things. Drive the ball into Oden like Xavier and Tennessee have and get him in trouble. Offensively, Ohio State has been better with Oden not in the game. Defensively, you want him out of the game esp. when so much of the Tiger offense is based on penetration. I like the match up against Ohio State and think Memphis will be in the Final Four. Unreal. I will be honest and tell you that I never thought I would write the words "Memphis will be in the Final Four" this year. Next year, yes. But this team just may screw around and get to Atlanta.

I picked Tennessee to beat Ohio State and felt really good about the pick... and then they played the second half. I think I can count on my hand the number of stops that the Vols got in the second half. No stops leads to no running. It killed them and their offense. They simply got no stops and therefore could not get in transition, could not score, and then could not set up a press. Memphis can get stops. You have to give it up to Ohio State. That was a serious comeback. How do you not get the ball to Lofton with the game on the line? Hey I have an idea... how about you drive it into Oden. Really? Is that what he did?

If you have thoughts... leave them in the comments section.

p.s. Kobe threw 60 on the Grizz.