Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Breaking news I think (Joe Lee Dunn) aka The most famous High School football coach in Memphis, and Kevin James is on the show

If this is breaking news, it is the dreaded cvernon.com exclusive. I have not seen or read about it anywhere, so it just might be, who knows? UPDATE: I am told that it was on the Tiger message board a while back. Joe Lee Dunn was the defensive coordinator at Memphis for the past few seasons. Joe Lee Dunn has been a college football coach all over the south forever. Joe Lee is now the head coach of the Ridgeway Roadrunners High School football team. He replaced Coach Cooley. Great hire for Ridgeway. I predict a state championship.

also: Kevin James is on the show on Wednesday. He is the King of Queens, a great comedian, and co-star of the new movie, "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" with Adam Sandler and Jessica Biel. Kevin James is a huge star, so obviously it is awesome to get him on the show this week considering the movie opens on Friday. He is on Good Morning America in the morning, and The Chris Vernon Show in the afternoon? Ha! We have our fingers crossed.

We are at the Buffalo Wild Wings at Hacks Cross and Winchester for the show Wednesday. We have the cornhole tournament at 7, registration at 6. Another trip to Vegas is on the line. Roser will attempt to eat 40 chicken wings in 12 minutes at 5:20 segment. Get there for the carnage.