Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kevin James on the show, Roser falls short (A visual history)

Kevin James came on the show yesterday. His new movie "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" with Adam Sandler and Jessica Biel opens tomorrow. I still can't believe he came on with us in the midst of the national promotion he is doing. Cool guy. We talked about how he got into comedy, the King of Queens, Jessica Biel, and the movie. Here is the interview.

My producer, Jon Roser, had his chance to vindicate himself yesterday at Buffalo Wild Wings. He had made the bold claim that he could eat 40 chicken wings in 12 minutes. He failed. Here is a visual history of the event...
Roser poses with 40 mild wings, filled with total confidence...
Roser begins his quest at an incredibly fast pace. This was a decision that would prove costly as the challenge went on...It becomes clear that my prediction of vomit has an amazing chance at happening as the contest is coming to an end... The contest came to an end with Roser eating a total of 33 chicken wings in 12 minutes. He claims that he could have accomplished his goal, which begs the question... why didn't he? He wants a rematch with the wings. We hope that this has taught him a valuable lesson... don't run your mouth if you cannot back it up.
On a side note... THANK YOU to all of you that came out to Buffalo Wild Wings. The turnout was amazing and the cornhole contest was slammed with teams. We will resume our Wednesday BWW tour in 2 weeks, as next week Roser and I will be in Birmingham for SEC Media Days.
Former Memphis star and current Florida Marlin Daniel Uggla is on the show today.