Saturday, July 07, 2007

Grizzlies summer league Game 1

I just watched the first summer league game on NBA TV. A couple of quick observations...
I was on the phone with Herrington during the game, so I would expect that some of our thoughts will be the same. I would also expect that he will be smarter and more in-depth with his observations. Mine are simply instant, unfiltered reactions.
- Kyle Lowry, Kinsey, and Rudy all were impressive.
- I could see the shades of the Phoenix system when the Grizzlies played. In the half court the ball goes from the corner, swing to the top, swing to the opposite corner... three. That was a common set. And obviously, the idea of getting a shot early in the clock was evident.
- It does not matter that it is summer league and that they are not playing outstanding competition when I say that Kinsey was impressive. I was impressed esp. with his ability to stop on a dime in transition and knock down shots. I think he will be getting some real clock this year.
- Conley looked timid, which was to be expected. Lowry looked really good. The guy is a lock as a fan favorite.
- Johnny Davis seemed cool in his interview. He said he would not be surprised if Mike Miller was an all-star this year. I always said I thought he could possibly be an easy 20-25 ppg in Phoenix. Miller= all star? The assistant coach said he would not be surprised...
- Rudy was spectacular. The highlights that he is gonna be on this year, in this offense, are gonna be sick. Yi was better than I thought.
- Alexander Johnson is a mess. Sorry. I would give anything if you could put Roberts bball sense with Johnson's athleticism. I thought he looked brutal.
- My first impression is that this team is going to be the most fun version of the Grizzlies to watch since the Hubie era. I am confident that that will be the case.

By the way... for those of you that watched the end of the game and the announcers talking about the team and interviewing Rudy... what was that? I know that you have heard it happen on my show and it is so embarrasing. You can hear "he's gotta go" or "last question" being yelled in the background. It happened today, this time on NBA TV for goodness sakes. Rudy is in the middle of an interview on national TV after the game and he has his headset ripped of his head by media relations in the middle of answering a question? Joel Meyers said, "Live television doesn't make any difference to the Memphis Grizzlies." Rudy seemed totally uncomfortable, and who knows why there was such a rush, but I cannot imagine it was worth looking like that on national TV. I have honestly never seen a headset taken off a guys head in the middle of an interview in my life. That was weird and uncomfortable.

UPDATE: regarding the previous part of the post, Stacy Mitch (director of media relations) contacted me this afternoon to let me know her side of the story. NBA tv was not supposed to do the interview and Stacy had to pull Rudy for coach. She said that she tried to get them to end but they would not, so she pulled him. Teams were waiting for the locker area and coach was trying to meet. Stacy had told NBA Tv to wait until after the meeting for the interview, so it was unfair to Rudy. It created quite the awkward TV moment to say the least, but now you why it played out the way it did. NBA TV apologized for what happened. I appreciate Stacy for clearing the whole thing up. Wow, I guess somebody does read this crap I write after all.