Thursday, July 26, 2007

SEC Media Days: Post 2

We are down in the lobby this morning after what became a long night. We went to a restaurant to meet some of my friends that work for WJOX in Birmingham and we hung out with them for a while. Unfortunately, that is not where our night ended. I had been to a place called Bell Bottoms when I had been in Bham before, and I had told Roser that he needed to see this place when we came here. The place is hysterical. A few years ago, former Bama player George Teague had told us about this thing they have called "fight night." Basically, the place is about the same size as a place like Alfred's, except it has two decks and a huge boxing ring in the middle of what I suppose would normally be a dance floor. Patrons then can register and box each other, and there is really no other way to describe it but to say that it is completely hilarious. Roser lost his cell phone somewhere and we still have no idea where it could be. I thought that the lobby of the hotel this morning would be complete pandemonium because Saban is going to be here, but there are a lot less people than I expected so far. I suppose that every Bama fan in the world has already seen the guy and been snubbed in attempt to get his autograph. Jay Barker is doing his show across the way and Bama fans are swarming him to have him sign crap. I have to wonder what that stuff will go for on ebay. Today we have Miss. St., Bama, Vandy, and Florida.