Thursday, July 26, 2007

SEC Media Days: Post 3 Nick Saban on the show today

I thought I would be more likely to see a ghost than to see Nick Saban on radio row. The story of how I got him on the show is completely crazy. Here it goes... there are fans everywhere and they have blocked off radio row so that you have to have a credential to get near it. I see Nick Saban sitting down doing a radio interview down the hall. There are a ton of TV cameras surrounding Saban while he is sitting there. There are radio producers and writers and TV people in a huge pack walking along with Saban when he moves. Every radio station here is trying to get him on there station. Roser is sleeping in the room and I am just working on getting stuff together for the show. I don't even go near the fray and I figure that he is not gonna be doing a ton of radio and his probably booked. Anyway, out of nowhere, a couple of people from the SEC come over to me (keep in mind that I am sitting at my table minding my own business) and they say that Coach Saban will be coming down to join you. He's coming to you next. I never said a word to anyone but there was no way I was gonna question anything. It was really funny, I get done interviewing him and all of these media guys were asking me how I got him to come on the show. I really don't know why he came down to talk to me. Anyway, long story short, Nick Saban is on the show today.