Thursday, July 05, 2007

What the Grizzlies would have to pay Nocioni

The Chicago Tribune has a story about the Grizzlies and them taking a run at Nocioni. I took from the story that it looks as if the Grizz would have to pay Nocioni 8M for Paxon not to match. 8M is a lot, but I think it is probably worth it. I do worry about the foot problem he has had. I do like that if we are talking about a five-year deal (as the Tribune mentions) that he would be 32 at the end of the deal. I hope there is not a 6 or 7 year deal. As I said, 8M is a good chunk of change, but I could see him living up to that. Here is the Tribune story, which is very informative.

In other news... OH NO! Lebron is gonna be a rapper? Album drops in the fall? NOOOOOOOO. Not reportedly, the first track is "Never give the ball to Varajeo with the game on the line" Other tracks include "My teammates suck" and "I could buy you"