Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Buffalo Wild Wings today, Ingram Hill

Today we continue the tour of BWW locations, and we are at the one at Poplar and Highland. This will be a bash. Joining us at the location will be Justin Moore (lead singer of Ingram Hill). Justin and the band have a slight problem. This should be an incredibly exciting time for them. Their album drops next week, and they will be going on to do publicity nationwide and on tour. So what is the problem? Well, their bass player quit. They don't have a bass player and they need one pretty quickly. That being said, I will do my part to help them if I can. This is not a joke. Ingram Hill needs a bass player and they are feverishly trying people out for the gig. If you play bass, or know somebody that does, this could be a big break. Come out to BBW today, hang with the crew, win a trip to Vegas tonight in the cornhole tourney, and rep yo hood.