Monday, August 13, 2007

A few things from the weekend...

Today I will be down at the Horseshoe for the Grizzlies dance team tryouts. I have been asked to be a judge for the competition and though I do not know anything really about dancing, I do know what an attractive girl looks like. The dance team needed to upgrade, I will do my best to help that happen. Eric Hasseltine will be there and is hosting the event, so he will be down there with me for the show. The competition is open to the public, so come on down if you can.

If Tiger Woods got injured, or died, tomorrow, would we say that he was the best ever? Of course we would, because we would believe that he would have gotten 5 more majors easily. So why do so many say that he is not the best ever until he breaks the Nicklaus record?

Rick Ankiel's return is probably my favorite sports story of the year so far.

A few weeks ago Sonny Vacarro was on the show, and he was great. The interview is still in the archives below if you missed it. Regardless of your opinion of Vacarro, he is one of the most important basketball figures ever. Thus, there is going to be an HBO movie focused on him with James Gandofini (Tony Soprano) playing Sonny in a feature called ABCD Camp. I wonder if anyone will buy Gandolfini as anything other than Tony Soprano.

Vince Young got suspended for the preseason opener. Your QB should be an example for the rest of the team. I guess it doesn't matter because he will get hurt anyway. He is on the cover of Madden, he's cursed.

Rob Neyer from ESPN is on the show today.