Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Memphis Flyer "Best of Memphis" issue

Thank you. The Memphis Flyer came out with their Best of Memphis issue yesterday and never in the history of the Best of Memphis issue has anyone ever taken the radio triple crown... until yesterday.

#1 Best Sports Talk Show
#1 Best Radio Talk Show
#1 Best Radio Personality

We took them all. You mess with the bull and you get the horns. You put me in some phony bologna tie for third last year and this is what happens.

I don't have the most listeners in this city by a long shot, but I do have the most loyal listeners in this city. I really could care less if I am ever mentioned again in the Memphis Flyer. Nobody will ever touch that record. Someone will win the Triple Crown in baseball before they win all three of those categories. The other radio folks in Memphis are gonna complain, saying my listeners stuffed the ballot box, blah, blah, blah. If they mean that my listeners voted for my show and their listeners didn't vote for their show, yep, that happened. Here is what I know... nobody will never touch that record.

Thank you to all of you that listen to the show, tell your friends about the show, and support our sponsors. 2 years ago we were broadcasting from a trailer in a field in West Memphis where horses were fornicating less than 50 yards from where I was doing the show. We had one commercial and the rest of the time in the breaks was filled with drunk driving PSA's.

2 years later... we have billboards, we were on the cover of Memphis Sport, we were featured in other newspapers and magazines as well as on TV, we are loaded with commercials, and Lexus of Memphis bought the show. Now we sweep in the Flyer. It is absolutely insane. I can never describe the level appreciation I have for you even listening to the show. You are the "Best of Memphis."

Thank you!