Friday, October 05, 2007

Philanthropy (The Picks)

After being 5-0 last week, the Verno season record is now ... 13-5 overall 3-1 in locks

That's 72 % ... some guys say that they pick games for a living, I pick games to make everyone else a living (That's true philanthropy)

Verno's Mayor Herenton Shake them Haters off parlay
La Tech +13 over Ole Miss
Cincy +4 over Rutgers
Troy -19.5 over Fl International House of pancakes
Hawaiian Massacre! -39 over Utah state
S Florida -16 over Florida Atlantic

Verno's Cowboys playing an AFC team Game of the YEAR Infinity times infinity times infinity stars
Cowboys -10 over Bills

Garys WW herenton parlay (all teams against spread)
west virginia
eastern michigan
RAMS (stl)
east carolina
n texas
tex am
ohio st
n mex st

Bert Sugars Picks (against spread)

E Mich