Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Great Paulus

As you know, my favorite college basketball player is Greg Paulus. From the first time I saw the guy play, he's been the guy. I love how everybody hates the guy. I love how everyone always discredits any accomplishment he has. As we learned, Paulus played all of last season with a broken foot. Repeat-- a broken foot. Who does that? I love guys that will do anything to win because we are devoid of that type of athlete is sports. Paulus eats chairs. Paulus will dive in your popcorn and take a bite, and you are sitting in the seventh row. Paulus is immune to pain. If you are reading this, you probably hate him. Go ahead, keep hatin. You may hate Duke, but if you don't appreciate The Great Paulus, you are not a sports fan. The Great Paulus is a killer. Oh yeah, and he dropped 18 on Wisconsin last night and lead the team in scoring. You can have your "talented" guy, I'll take Paulus. I may lose, but your nose will be broken and you will be totally demoralized. With so many wusses in sports, Paulus is the breath of fresh air.