Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sandra Knispel crashes the Southern Revival

There was a southern revival known as the Houston Nutt press conference in Oxford on Wednesday. At the end of the presser, a female reporter with a Brittish accent asked Houston Nutt if it ever struck him as odd that he is the highest earner at an institution of higher learning yet he had little to do with academics. It was the funniest thing ever. You can here her question and the news story she did for NPR HERE. The press conference, the hooting and hollering, and the crazy celebration and applause came to a screaching hault as Sandra dropped the reality bomb. Sandra was on the show today and you will be able to check out the interview with her in the morning on the archives page. Mark Turgeon, Texas A&M bball coach was also on the show and you will find that interview there also.
Many of you are wondering what our favorite brave reporter with the Brittish accent looks like. Now you can but a face with a name. Our favorite press conference question of the year goes to Mississippi Public Broadcasting's Sandra Knispel...
Bravo Sandra, Bravo.