Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Andy Dolich announces his resignation

Andy Dolich, the President of Business Operations for the Grizzlies, has announced his resignation effective December 31st. I hate this announcement. Andy has been an incredibly accessible and valuable resource for the Grizzlies in Memphis. He has been on the show as much as any non-regular guest that we have. I am at 730 ESPN in part because of Andy. There were people that I leaned on for advice in making a big career move, and Andy was there the whole way to talk me through it. I have an incredible amount of respect for Andy and I hate to see him leave the Grizzlies. I don't envy anyone that will takeover his position with the team. Your boss wants to get rid of the team, the team in not living up to expectations on the court, the team got the shaft in the draft (which was totally devastating business wise), and people simply are not crazy about spending their money with the Grizz right now.

Andy has been a tremendous ambassador for the team since it came to Memphis. A lot of names has changed, but he has always been here from the start. Behind the scenes, he has been a friend, a mentor, and a huge asset to the show. I wish him the best of luck in the future, and I will really miss him.

So good luck to Andy Dolich, we will miss you at The Chris Vernon Show.