Friday, December 14, 2007

When is the media going to apologize to the Texans?

Am I rubbing this in because I thought Mario Williams was the correct pick in last years draft? Yep. USA Today bagged on the Texans by posting the stats of Reggie Bush and Mario Williams every Monday in the paper last year. Where are the stats now? Mario Williams had 3.5 sacks in a massive performance last night and he now stands at second in the league in sacks.

Reggie Bush sold tickets, Vince Young sold tickets. They both sold jerseys. The Texans were killed over and over again for the pick of Williams. The pick has turned out to be the best one that they could have made. Every great team has a great pass rush, and that is what the Texans wanted to build... a great team. I find it really interesting that I specifically remember certain dumb sports talk hosts and TV commentators killing the Texans and saying that they were idiots for the pick. What are they saying now? Surprisingly nothing.

Given the oppurtunity to take the great pass rusher or the great back, you always take the great pass rusher... if you need both. And you never, ever, ever, take a RB high in the draft. It is way to much money for the most fragile position in the sport.

Bravo to the Texans for the pick, and bravo to the clowns that panned it. How are those Vince Young and Reggie Bush picks looking now?