Thursday, March 06, 2008

The all important audio (Banowky, Wallace, Bucher)

The commish of CUSA, Britton Banowsky, joined us on the show to talk about what, if any, punishments were thrown down from the UAB/Memphis game, the conference landscape, where the CUSA tournament will be going forward, the CUSA TV deal, etc.

Britton Banowsky on The Chris Vernon Show 3-5-08

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace was on for his regular spot to talk about my rants about the direction that the Grizzlies are going and what they have done, and are going to do.

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace on The Chris Vernon Show 3-5-08

ESPN NBA Reporter Ric Bucher (who's report was commented on during the show) joined us to talk about Michael Heisley making the calls for the Grizzlies and what all he knows about the moves the Grizzlies have made and have not made.

Ric Bucher on The Chris Vernon Show 3-5-08