Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wanna go to the NCAA tournament? (Part 2) and homerism

Thursday the show will be live at Jason's Deli at Poplar and Highland. There is a room that we will have all to ourselves and we will have drinks, food (unlimited for 5 bucks), giveaways, etc.

The big giveaway is going to be tickets to all of the sessions in Little Rock, which will feature the Memphis Tigers. We will raise some money in the process for the Church Health Center. 2 bucks per entry, enter as many times as you like, and if you win you get the book of tix for the Little Rock pod.

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace will be live on site, so you can come meet and chat with him. Herrington, Easterwood, and others that you hear on the show will be there also. Call your buddies or whoever you call, and come on out for the first day of the tournament. The Beasley/ Mayo game comes on right after the show.

Jason's Deli, the side room, Poplar and Highland.

Now to homerism...

I read the article in the CA this morning about Calipari as a salesman and bench coach (it was well done). There was a portion of the article that I just could not believe. Here it is...

Calipari, however, has no time for the "laymen" who say he should have called timeout while trailing in the final moments last month against Tennessee. In that case, Antonio Anderson missed a wild shot in the lane that represented the Tigers' last real chance in an eventual 66-62 defeat at FedExForum.
"They don't ask why I didn't call timeout against UAB," said Calipari, referring to Chris Douglas-Roberts' game-winning 3-point play in the final seconds of an earlier 79-78 win in Birmingham. "I'm consistent. The players all know what I'm gonna do. We work on that situation in practice. A layman thinks you call timeout. And do what? Draw up a play in the sand that they've never seen before and expect they're gonna perform it?

I am one of the "laymen." I would not even address this, but this is just absurd. There are quite a few media members that have repeated this whole "Cal did not call a timeout at UAB and he did not against UT, so sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't!" Coach Cal is saying it again in this article. IT IS CRAP. THEY DID TAKE A TIMEOUT TO SET UP A PLAY AT UAB, RIGHT BEFORE THE VADEN FREE-THROWS. Go look it up, it takes 2 seconds. I was there, I saw it with my own eyes and then CAL BRAGGED ABOUT CALLING THE PLAY FOR ROSE AND ROSE WANTING CDR TO GET THE BALL INSTEAD.

It is the only blemish on the record and obviously still stings for Coach Cal. He did not call the timeout and instead of having the ball in the hands of CDR or Rose, he had Anderson shooting a shot that would have killed a member of the Blue Crew if it was not stopped by the backboard.

There are so many puppets that just repeat what they hear. You live and die with your best players taking the last shot. Even the "laymen" knows that, and even Cal did at the end of the UAB game.

The next time, if ever, this topic is brought up at least you will know the truth. Unfortunately the homer media and this town care more about Cal liking them than reporting the facts.

-the layman