Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wanna go to the NCAA tournament?

We are giving away tickets for the Little Rock bracket tomorrow on the show. The winner of "The Haters" segment will win the tickets. This is your chance. It will happen tomorrow in the 4 o'clock hour. If you are unfamiliar with hatin' and do not know how to construct your call and you want to win, pick your subject and then understand the following definition... HATIN
Also... on Thursday the show will be live on site at Jason's Deli at Poplar/Highland (where the Poplar Quartet used to be). Please come and watch the games with us out there. We are going to be in a huge room on the side of the restaurant and we will have the room to ourselves. They will have a projector screen showing the games and we will have unlimited food, beverages, adult beverages, etc. 5 bucks and you will eat all of the food you want. It is going to be the greatest experience of your life. Call your buddies and bring them with you, leave work and come to Jason's Deli. Thursday. Poplar and Highland. Bedare.