Sunday, June 01, 2008

Anthony Randolph hits the trash bin with Brooke Lopez

I have now put Randolph in the "do not draft" class with Brooke Lopez. I listened to John Brady (his coach at LSU) on the Geoff and Gary show on Friday and that was all I needed to hear. Here is a brief look at what he said about Randolph (he did say a lot of good things about the guy, but I was listening for the negatives because I know how these prospects get blown up and all we talk about is how great they could be). Anyway, I gathered from Brady...

- Randolph will be a 3 in the league (in fact the name he used to compare him with was Tayshaun Prince). Everybody throws around Bosh as a comparison, so this was interesting. The Grizzlies have one guy they have to keep, his name is Rudy Gay, he is a 3.

- He is going to need a coach that encourages him and supports him. (uh-oh) I don't need another one of these guys. We need some A-type personalities. I am so tired of the Grizzlies having a bunch of sissies on the team.

- His motor needs to be better at times. (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) You say that about a guy and I am deathly scared. I gotta worry about another guy not playing hard? I have zero respect for guys that don't play hard.

This is what I heard from the college coach of Anthony Randolph. Coaches typically make their players seem like 10 time NBA all-stars on the court, and Mother Theresa off the court. Maybe Brady just does not do that. I don't know, but I know what the guy said.

I will go watch the Randolph workout, but for now I am against drafting this guy. He is in the trash bin with Lopez. I have no time for soft 7 footers and I have no time for guys that will have potential they do not realize because they don't give maximum effort.

I used the TV segment, MIC CHECK with Chris Vernon, begging the Grizzlies not to consider Lopez. Here is the bit if you missed it...
MIC CHECK with Chris Vernon on CW30